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Viet Challenge Tour situated at 49 Truong Cong Dinh, Ward 1, Dalat city, Vietnam.  We are a travel company , we offer a full selection of adventure sport in Vietnam and excursion in the region.

We welcome you with open hearts.

We give you the opportunity to take one step away from their usual path, challenge yourself and expand their horizon.

Through knowledge, enthusiasm and skills, we show you the unique and beautiful Dalat plateau where you can experience the fascination of mountains, waterfall, and sights. We are happy for you, who can experience this fascination, regardless of where and with whom they experience it.

Your Safety.

Safety is our highest priority, we carry responsibility insurance for our guest s and employees. Your safety an quality concepts are continually developed and quickly updated.  All of our equipment are top quality, our guides are highly trained and quality.

Vietnam is an utter assault on the senses; at once dizzying, frenetic and fascinating. Conical-hatted street vendors sell their wares on the pavements outside gleaming high-rises and exquisite temples are surrounded by streets buzzing with thousands of motorbikes.

Buzzing cities, world-class cuisine, dramatic landscapes, and rich biodiversity give Vietnam a distinct character: from the capital city of Hanoi up north, to Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta down south.

Vietnam's food, people, sights and history keep even the most seasoned traveller coming back for more.

Dalat is a south central Vietnamese town that offers travelers good weather, great food, fun shopping and plenty of things to do. Its mild and pleasant temperatures alone (usually between 17°C to 25°C even in summertime) make Dalat worth a visit and as a result it’s a refreshing destination to escape the constant heat from lower-lying regions. In the city you’ll find many interesting French colonial buildings and deeper inland and in the mountains there are waterfalls, hill-tribe villages while farms and rice paddies can be seen everywhere. This doesn’t mean Dalat is a quiet town though; it is a very popular holiday destination for local tourists but the attractions are spread out over vast rolling green hilly areas, meaning you won’t feel crowded out most of the time.

Dalat and the nearby area is where visitors can enjoy great outdoor sports such as canyoning, trekking, mountain biking and cycling. Fans of adventure activities will love it here.


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  • Trek on Langbian Mountain
  • Cycling tours
  • The countryside tour
  • Canyoning
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