Shopping in Dalat

Shopping in Dalat

Shopping in Dalat

Shopping culture is huge in Dalat. And, visiting the many local markets, shops, and shopping centres is a great experience. Bargaining is the norm at many of these places. Dalat offers some excellent products at great value, so be sure to schedule some shopping time while in Dalat

Tips for shopping and bargaining in Vietnam

  • If the item does not have a price tag, the price is nearly always negotiable.
  • When negotiating a price, knock at least three quarters off the top.
  • If negotiations are getting you nowhere start to walk, you will be amazed by the number of sellers that will agree on your price while walking away.
  • Vietnam has recently changed from paper to polymer (plastic) bank notes, and some of the notes look very similar because of their color, and because of all the zeroes. For example the 20,000 Dong note looks very similar to the 200,000 dong note, and the same goes for the 50,000 and 500,000 dong notes. So It always pays to double check before handing over any money and also when receiving change.
  • When you enter into a negotiation figure on a price that you feel good about and shoot for that. 
  • Always remain positive and smiling throughout the process. 

Wandering around and shopping in Dalat is endless. Look for great bargains and interesting products at these recommended spots:

Dalat market : opened everyday in week, you can buy anythings at there such as foods, clothes, souvenir, even live animals, but almost them do not have price tag and nearly sellers  can not speak English as you want. mainly they just can speak price so you just say your price and walk away if they do not accept  normally they will ask you back to sell for you. there are 2 zones inside market. the upper floor is fabric, pine tree crafting souvernirs, clothes and down stair is foods, flowers, fruits, dried friuts.

Lien Hoa restaurant : located at 3/2 st, it is great restaurant, they display many kinds of bread which is tag price on, you can choose what you want at here but no need bargain. you can enjoy some kinds of hot noodle dish at their restaurant also.

Big C : This is biggest super market in Dalat city, sitting on Lam Vien square, the corner of Ho Tung Mau and Tran Quoc Toan. trading in aboout 40.000 commodities from dried foods, fresh foods, fabrics, bread shop, cuisine shop, sushi .., its international super market so you no neet to worry about quality and price at here.

Warning: this market is not air-conditioned and not well ventilated so its recommend you get there early in the morning to beat the heat.