Da Lat - The Blossom Seasons

Da Lat - The Blossom Seasons

Famous with the name "The city of thousands flowers" - Da Lat is the destination where romance and fascinating never end. There are number of species that bloom throughout the year, but some shy flowers appear to 1 interval enchanting many tourists. Then they promise themselves to return this misty land on that occasion. 

1.      Cherry Blossom welcome the Spring

In many months, cherry blossom almost bare of leaves seemed not alive, but they are still solid, stand for on the coldest time of the year, numerous pink buds appear and just a few days with warm spring weather racing is booming blooming. Bunches of flowers with pink petal fresh, delicate but attractive, attracted to the strange. 

cherry blossom in da lat city

According to some elders, this flower was called cherry blossom because it is originally the wild apricot trees and was tamed by native people. The color of this flower was pink & look like the cherry, so the name of cherry blossom was called as today. 

sakura in da lat, cherry blossom in da lat

2.      Purple of phoenix flower brings the summer come

When the apricot cherry tree vent final petal as goodbye of spring is appointment of  purple phoenix. In the morning, you open the window to welcome haze fragile, you are surprise by purple phoenix be wonky in the wind. Purple of phoenix flower fill up the roads around DaLat Market, be passionate and attractive like Dalat so.

purple phonix flower in dalat

Between the green, yellow, pink, and red of the flower city, romantic purple flower, the flower branches rise themselves high into the sky that making visitors seethe when suddenly seeing on a small street, road ….
Currently, on the beginning of March, this phoenix blooms to attract travelers.

3.      Red Maple Leaf closing the autumn

Every middle of October to early November, the maple trees begin blooming yellow. It's time to Dalat from late autumn to early winter. The Forests to be put on all-yellow, red shirt of maple trees.

red maple leaves in Tuyen Lam lake, Da Lat city

What is better than joining the kayaking and camping tour for boating in the lake, walking, taking pictures, enjoying the peaceful life there. Visitors can find the maple leaf forest located in the bottom of Tuyen Lam lake, Da Lat, Lam Dong province.

kayaking in Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat city

4.      Da Quy Flowers – in the end of Octorber to November

Da Quy is a wild sunflower growing on roadsides and hills, their natural beauty makes people excited and passionate, the flower grows wild but extremely charming and pure. When the dry season comes, Dalat seems to “wear a new shirt”. The whole city is overwhelmed with bright color of various kinds of flowers. Besides the splendid flowers, Dalat  is also the heaven of wild flowers of which da quy is the most remarkable. In November, lots of visitors from different regions flock to Lang Biang to admire da quy blooming. Visitors can also encounter Da Quy on the hills or mountain passes, especially the highway linking Da Lat and Duc Trong…

wild sunflower in Da Lat

Photo Sources: Huynh Tuan photo, Internet.

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