Watching the beauty of Đà Lạt from above

Watching the beauty of Đà Lạt from above

Đà Lạt – the city situated on the legendary Lang Biang plateau always captivates tourists by its dreamy beauty…Besides numerous interesting things awaiting tourists to explore;watching the romantic view of the city always bring peace and a different feeling each time you visit the city. At any given time you can also admire the charm of the city from all angles. In this issure, we would like to introduce you to some sightseeing places of the city from the high position.

Lang Biang Peak

The peak is attached to the famous legend about the love affair of Lang and Biang. Langbiang peakis seen as the rooftop of Đà Lạt, located in Lạc Dương district, 12km from Đà Lạt to the north. From Langbiang peak, tourists can have a panoramic view of Đà Lạt from below with the stunning beauty of the Golden Stream (Suối Vàng) and the Sliver Stream (Suối Bạc). The way to the peak of Langbiang is one of the most beautiful roads with a wild look and special charm. Standing on the top of the mountain, you will have a special feeling when welcoming the cool breeze rushing back from the pine forest, or the golden, beautiful and shining sun together with the thin mist lingering on the mountains. Climbing up Langbiang Mountain and watching Đà Lạt is an unforgettable experience for those who come to the land of pine trees. Once in Đà Lạt, you would regret it if you did not come to this place to have a special feeling for a meaningful trip.

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Radar Top

Located at the altitude of almost 2,000m within Langbiang Tourist Resort, Radar top is another interesting place besides Langbiang. From Radar top you can look down to the immense view of hills and mountains with lush pine forests, and a panoramic view of Lạc Dương district, the beautiful Gonden Lake from below. Radar top is one of the many interesting places that attracts tourists when they visit Đà Lạt.

Robin Hill

One of the attractive tourist destinations of Đà Lạt. Robin Hill is definitely an ideal place to admire Đà Lạt from above. From this location, you can watch the whole city with colorful tile roofs, the lush green valleys, the structures bearing the imprints of Đà Lạt. Also from here you can experience the feeling of floating in the air in the cable cabin watching the city slightly flowing away. It would be great to catch sight of the fog creeping between the “forest city”, or the golden ray of sunrise over the city. Not only do you admire the beauty of the city from above, you also bring back photos, memories of the trip aswell.

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Pinhatt Peak

The highest peak of Đà Lạt to the south; recently Pinhatt peak has emerged as an ideal outdoor destination. The altitude and the gentle climbing roadis easier to conquer than Langbiang peak, but it is also a physical test when you walk along the small road covered with dry leaves leading to the peak of the mountain. The landscape here is extremely beautiful and appealing. From Pinhatt top you can see the beautiful Tuyền Lâm lake below, and Đà Lạt city from afar. The road to Pinhatt runs along Tuyền Lâm with peaceful and romantic scenery. This position is not only for watching Đà Lạt from beautiful corner but also a place to take beautiful photos, especially on foggy days.

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Floor 4, Đà Lạt Teachers’ Training College

Đà Lạt Teachers’ Training College is a unique architectural work of the flower city, a fascinating attraction for tourists. The Teachers’ Training College was recognized by the Wold Architect Association as one of the 1,000 typical buildings of the world in the 20th century. This is a familiar location for photographers who love architectural art due to the beauty of the building and the everlasting beauty of the work. The tower of the Teachers’ Training College is the symbol of Đà Lạt. From the 4th floor of the building, you can have a panoramic view of Xuân Hương Lake, Đồi Cù (hill) and the city center; watching the winding roads, the lovely villas nestling under the canopy of green pine trees. Đà Lạt Teachers’Training College today is one of the cradles that traditionally trained teachers in Lâm Đồng province. Watching Đà Lạt from this location will be an unforgettable experience on each of your trip to Đà Lạt.

Domaine De Marie Church

About 1 km from Đà Lạt, Domaine de Marie Church is not only famous for its unique architecture but also an attractive venue for those who wish to explore the beautiful traits of Đà Lạt from above thanks to its large space. From this position you can observe part of the city with beautiful angles and special view. Additionally. The beautiful architectural building is another reason for you to experience on your journey to the romantic, hospitable mountain city.

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